Getting Started

Grant Application

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Gather together friends, neighbors, colleagues and fellow innovators to brainstorm ideas that could generate prosperity in our region. All ideas are welcome and valued.

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Step 3

Choose Type of Grant

If you’re having trouble figuring out the best grant type for you, please contact us. We’re here to help!

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Enhanced Capacity Building Grant

For feasibility/market studies, pre-development activities and business, workforce or innovation strategies that set you up for success in implementing projects.

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Per Capita Grant

For implementation projects such as workforce development, business accelerators, research commercialization endeavors, business site development, and more, as long as the projects involve two or more localities and have direct economic impact to Region 3.

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State Competitive Grant

Primarily for implementation projects, stronger if involving two or more regions, and designed for projects with the legs to compete for funding at the state level.

Keep in mind these two funding requirements:

Step 4

Address Key Points

Make sure you hit all these key points in your grant application. It will help committee members evaluate your goals and make sure your plan is a good fit for Region 3.

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The most successful grant applications will show a high level of collaboration with local businesses and organizations.

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Matching Funds

All three grant applications require matching dollar requirements. Be sure to explain how you intend to gather your matching funds. For more information about that specific requirement, contact us.

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Applicant Eligibility

The most successful grant applications will show a high level of collaboration with local businesses and organizations.

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Return on Investment

The grant evaluation team will need to be able to clearly see the data that backs up the potential investment. What will the total investment cost in dollars? What is the expected return in the first year? In five years? In 10 years?

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35% Economic Impact
30% Regional Collaboration
20% Project Readiness & Capacity
15% Project Sustainability

Step 5

Review Rating System

Applications will be scored based on these four criteria. Reviewing these components helps prioritize projects based on their feasibility and community impact.

Step 6


Deborah B. Gosney

Executive Director
Southside Planning District Commission

200 South Mecklenburg Avenue
South Hill, VA 23970