GO Virginia Region 3 – Request for Letters of Interest

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Issued:  November 2, 2020

Responses Due:  November 13, 2020 COB

GO Virginia Region 3 announces that it is accepting Letters of Interest from organizations and entities that are interested in partnering with the Region to implement elements of the Region’s approved Entrepreneur & Innovation Strategy https://bit.ly/3ekdGSr.  The Region 3 Council seeks to work with interested parties, utilizing its resources to begin implementation and prioritize strategies that ultimately result in:

  • increased number of entrepreneur businesses in the Region 3 traded sectors and their affiliated supply chain
  • increased number of jobs created and sustained in these businesses
  • increased number of youth entrepreneurs
  • improved sub-regional balance of entrepreneurial businesses
  • increase the average 5-year survival rate of entrepreneurial businesses
  • increase the number of minority and women-owned entrepreneurial businesses
  • increase the volume of SBA or other small business financing investments

For more information, please refer to the following documents GOVAR3 II Strategy.

RFLI Implementation



The Region 3 Council is accepting these Letters of Interest through COB November 13, 2020.  Acceptance of any applicant’s Letter of Interest does not commit the Region 3 Council to further action. Interested parties should feel free to contact Liz Povar at [email protected] or 804-399-8297 with questions.  Letters of Interest should be submitted electronically, using the Subject Line “R3 EII”, to Liz Povar at [email protected]