Terry speaks on leadership

“You can’t do everything but you can do something.”

That was the the insight of Larry Terry, speaking at the GO Virginia Region 3 All-Hands Meeting on March 27. Terry is director of the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service at the University of Virginia.

“GO Virginia captures a great sense of collaboration,” Terry said. “We’ve all come together, and now it’s time to effectively define what role everyone is playing so that we can make sure we’re being not only busy but strategic.”

Terry was appointed head of the Weldon Cooper Center in May of 2018. Before coming to Virginia, he worked at the University of North Texas in Dallas. Terry launched the Community Leadership Academy, the first peer-based citizen police officer leadership training program in the country.

His remarks during the All-Hands Meeting centered on leadership. Attendees were asked to consider its multi-sector role in society.

“It’s important to think about public problems and the roles that different sectors of society play in solving those,” Terry said. “There’s a role for the everyday citizen to play. There’s a role for businesses, as well as non-profits. Everyone should look at their assets, look at their gifts and figure out how they can lead in that space and help their community to prosper.”

Terry also challenged partners to engage in discussions that were “issues-focused,” particularly regarding workforce and economic development.

“Ask yourself when you leave today ‘Who wasn’t here?’ and keep that in mind. It’s about trying to make these resources as inclusive as possible,” Terry said.

Terry says GO Virginia is facilitating a space for forward momentum across the region.

“I believe GO Virginia Region 3 is the umbrella under which these conversations and roles can begin to form. It’s an exciting thing that’s taking place.”