GO Virginia Region 3 seeks project ideas for economic resiliency and recovery

The GO Virginia State Board has approved modifications to its grant program that will enhance the capability of GO Virginia Region 3 to invest in projects that lead to economic resiliency and recovery. At its April 17, 2020 Board meeting, the State Board approved additional funding for each Regional Council to support project applications that lead to high-impact grant proposals.

GO Virginia Region 3 is specifically seeking applications that optimize and strengthen supply-chains; sustain business operations through telework and other technology; explore opportunities to retool production facilities or process to ensure the supply of mission critical goods and services today and beyond this crisis;  bring real products to address critical shortages of goods and services to meet healthcare needs; ensure that the resource network for entrepreneurs and innovators is strong and ready; establish strategic partnerships with research institutions; and develop or expand transitional training programs to move those out of work into available employment opportunities.

“GO Virginia Region 3 is eager to hear from our citizens, businesses and civic leaders with ideas about how to best use our funds to support the economic recovery of Southern Virginia,” said Randy Lail, Chairman.  “At our next virtual Council meeting on May 20, we will be discussing our priorities and the ideas we receive from our communities will help guide our discussion.”

The GO Virginia State Board also relaxed the current requirement of a 1:1 match for economic resiliency projects, reducing it to 2:1, and it waived the requirement for a local match of 20%.  All these changes are immediate and are intended to help generate projects that can implement quickly to help begin recovery.

For more information visit https://govirginia3.org/covid19/